The History of Rallysport Development


Established in 2007, and after learning his trade at many top motorsport preparation companies, Kevin Theaker began Rallysport Development (RSD) to produce world class motorsport vehicles and components.

Having always had a passion for rallying and especially the Ford Mk2 Escort, the business soon became focused on this marque and its various rally models.

With interest in historic rallying increasing, RSD highlighted the need to build period perfect cars for the sport employing traditional build and preparation techniques. With this in mind so began the dedicated and pain staking quest to gain knowledge and information from some of the periods most successful teams and engineers. During this process RSD have amassed a vast photographic and documented history of the works Ford Escorts and regard themselves as an authority on the subject.

Using this information RSD has now built, prepared and restored some of the world's most famous and successful Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts.


RSD have realised over the last few years that the historic rally scene has become a little stale with the amount of Escorts taking part in events. They wanted to develop and future proof a car that would bring a breath of fresh air into the sport and also rival the Escort for top position.

The car RSD decided to build was the Fiat 131 Abarth as it was one of a very small number of cars that could challenge the Escort in period and during its career won 3 World Rally Championship titles.

However, it soon became apparent that parts for these cars were in very short supply and commanded a premium. So began the next phase of research into the history of the 131. As with the Escorts, RSD have now collected a vast archive of original pictures and documents along with many ex-works parts to use as research and development tools.

The first car has been 2 years in the making, from concept of design to running car and in this time RSD have researched, designed and manufactured almost every component to build exact replicas of the homologation special Grp4 Fiat 131 Abarth.

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